Dirty Beats
It's all about the sound!



It’s all about the sound!

We are an electronic music imprint founded in 2012 by Sebastian a.k.a. Digital Selekta, based in Cluj-Napoca, Romania which started as a promotional platform on our YouTube Channel. In 2017 Roland a.k.a. Balinteu joined Dirty Beats taking charge of the promotional side of the project. As of 2018 we are active as a label. As of 2020 we currently have more than 15 releases with worldwide renowned artists and we do have a lot more in the bag.

Besides our activities as a label we are a promotional platform featuring interviews, premieres and reviews of various labels and artists across the scene.

Label inquiries: sebastian[at]dirtybeats.ro
Promotional content: balinteu[at]dirtybeats.ro

Any questions? You can also send us a message on Facebook or Soundcloud.

For submissions please use the form below. Do not send direct email.


Please use the form below for submissions only.
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