Von D & Ishan Sound @ CINCIS SUMMERFEST #7 (August 9-11)


Cincis Summer Fest is one of the longest underground outdoor festivals in the west of the country. It is for the seventh consecutive year when you can enjoy yourselves on the shore of Lake Cinciş with new musical productions of bass music, reggae, dub, dubstep, grime, drum and bass and other subgenres.

Over time, dozens of artists all over the country, and also international ones, have delighted the audience here. For the seventh edition we aim to impress by the quality of sound and also by the better involvement of the present artists, most of them already at a high level of professionalism and maturity. Cincis Summer Fest is a good landmark for young beginners in underground sounds.

This is why the festival has constantly promoted artists at the beginning of their journey. We’re waiting for you again for a weekend to rediscover friends who share the passion for music. More than anything, Cincis Summer Fest is an event that unites free spirits and brings a simple message of communion and love in the middle of nature.

Full line-up for the 2019 edition and RSVP:
Von D (FR)
Ishan Sound (UK)
High Kulture
VRU DUBZ (High Kulture)
Sagaman (High Kulture)
✪ SE (High Kulture)
✪ ZONA VERDE (High Kulture)
Alienmade (BUC) (DIRTY BEATS / Silent Motion)
DIRTY BEATS TAKE OVER (RO/DE) (Digital Selekta & Balinteu)
✪ ZO (Subfeleac)
Sundaze (Freenetik Kru)
XHALE (Freenetik Kru)
Dubik (Astronaut KRU Soundsystem)
Pseuᵈᵘᵇ (Sub:Control)
✪ Host mc : MC44

Date: 9-11 August @ Cincis Lake
Support: 45 RON / DAY – 70 RON / WEEKEND
Free camping / Food area / Free parking

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