Cartridge – Interlude + Remixes



Cartridge known for his real name as Peter Turnbull originally from Yeovil, United Kingdom released a mega tune that just got remixed by a whole massive crew. Release the message from this one and think about what could happen if every artist that is right here would get out a song and they will make a heavyweight chain of massive artillery compilation of remixes straight from their vision. Before the full release of every remix which is part of the compilation that went out on Strictly140, the remix of Jack Flynn-Oakley from Rochdale, United Kingdom also known as JFO by his pseudonym in music production made Cartridge’s interlude so smooth that none at a klaat could stand in front of it. Gorgeous, just like the others. Perfect in every moment at your choice. After JFO’s piece was uploaded, another remix banger from Muhla producer based in Bristol got out and so on. After Muhla’s…another one intitulated the same and still from Bristol, but we talk about Namaste’s remix which came out perfectly and spontaneous. Great feelings were announced that are active within what was going to come next. Which you will better listen below. And so over, the movement continued heavy and safe. This one intitulated “Interlude” is artistic and very musical. Cartridge could play it on the background of some museums. Big up! Massive bass used under great pinches and low vibrations. So, FKOF’s premiere that got released on 21.03.2018 right on their channel pumped the situation and I’m hypnotized to know that this got more far over. dirtybassheads! From what we have seen , Strictly140 delivered it to FKOF in order to promote it and naming it a future “lethal selection of Grime/ Dubstep pieces” which sounds great and now this can be approved easily.
If you really are into Grime/Dubstep… this one is for you definitely. Be sure to check the links to follow the artists that contributed on “STRCTFREE002”. Released on 30.03.2018. and as they said, this one out is a really madness lethal combination of Grime/Dubstep. Trust! Until then, you can check this to convince yourself.

Cartridge made a really good tune that offered everyone a way in making great remixes that are only killers, chillers and thrillers. Enjoy this one out for a full session of smoothness.

Now, that you delighted yourself with the original piece that attracted the serial killa’ which is a must to be played from the link below. I recommend you to support this badmans here even if you haven`t listened to the whole compilation yet. Actually is safe to do it before you start. Trust! Leaving dem easy jokes away, get yourself in the right mood of being yourself.

Stay blessed and have a great audition, but keep in mind that this madness and astonishing serial killa’ it’s free to download from a strictly free link on dropbox. True badmans ladies and dirtyheadz gents, true badmans.

PS: Cartridge just got it mad fam.

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