Cartridge – Chemist

Siege Collective


Yee man! Don Cartridge is on fyah! He’s so on fyah… As we have seen until now, nothing can stop him to release and announce massive pieces of heavyweight stuff, man! This one out Chemist was announced and uploaded as a forthcoming on Siege Collective. That’s amazing. Cartridge from his Interlude EP that just got released on Strictly140 so we don’t really need much information about how good he is and how great he makes you feel when this banger is on fyah in proper conditions. Dirtyheadz! maybe the last of this week, but not the least, Chemist represents a bomboklaat forthcoming piece. Now we can clearly say what Siege Collective is about. Madness and pureness! Getting you through chilling low frequencies in the first part and getting you up in the second one. This one reminds me of some massive weapons from DUNE. Such a good one and definitely I’ll get it in order to be played on my next future set. But until then, have a good audition and keep the movement.

Feel free to support the badman and follow the links below. Also, we have updated the article about Cartridge and his friends giving dem mad remixes out. Is a mad gift! Check it here and you’ll find the link that gets you on dropbox. Trust!

CNCPT Collective have just premiered this one with great news inside. Until then, follow the other references below for more info and support them. Stay blessed and dirty!


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