Bukkha & Subtle Mind – Words (Sax Cut) (IFS012) [DIRTY BEATS PREMIERE]

(Infernal Sounds)



Infernal Sounds” started off as a YouTube channel which prides itself on providing lovers of bass music (mainly dubstep) with the freshest uploads, both promotional and exclusive.

Having branched out into a label in 2016, they’ve seen a succession of bass fuelled, sound system orientated releases. In attempt to continue breathing life and spreading the positive vibrations of the scene, their main objective is to shed light on unknown, under-rated artists and help the scene flourish in any way possible.

‘Words EP’ – with its release date on 7th  December is an EP composed of the energy and the combined ideas of three skilled artists. The first one is Bukkha, a musician from Louisiana who is making beats since 2005 with a concentration in bass music and sub culture and the second one is Subtle Mind, a producer and DJ duo from the Bay Area.

The EP consists of three tracks which create a harmonious universe, which brings us to the premiere of ‘Words (Sax Cut). The melodic line is itself a harmony that induces the listener a state of inner peace. The deep sound combined with saxophone notes transfigure music into sweet waves that put you in a bubble of positive and reassuring energy. As a personal opinion, the song is teleporting me on a field where everything is in balance, a field trapped in that energetic bubble that frees me of negativity.



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Artist Bukkha Subtle Mind
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