SUB garden


Our next premiere brings us to B-say, a young DJ and producer who also has it’s own show, on the widely known radio station Subtle FM, taking place every second Thursday from 7-8PM GMT. After releasing his own productions on labels like Substantial Audio and Black North Audio, B-Say joins the SUB garden family for their 10th release.


“Wormhole”, is the kind of tune that will get everyone off their feet! The tracks intro gives the impression that something is about to burst in the atmosphere around you, followed by a moment of silence before unleashing it’s power. The track is filled with one of the heaviest basslines I have ever encountered, possessing so much weight, that it gives you the sensation of a whole new gravitational field around you, sucking you in like a black hole, until, thanks to the wavy percussions  you feel like you landed in a completely different space and time.

I think B-Say could not have chosen a more suitable name for this piece of art! It’s official release date is 2nd of June, but until then it can be pre-ordered on SUB gardens bandcamp!



  • B-Say – Wormhole
  • B-Say – Beneath

Label SUB garden
Artist B-Say
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