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Mike Bissett,  or better known as B-Say, is a young DJ and producer who also has it’s own show on the widely known radio station Subtle FM, taking place every Thursday Bi – Weekly from 7-8 PM GMT. Hailing from St. Albans just outside London, he grew up listening to rock and heavy metal whilst learning to play the drums. Following his passion for music at a young age, Mike decided to study music technology in college, which pushed him to start experimenting  with DAW’s and synthesisers for the first time. Over time, experimenting with different sounds, studio equipment and discovering new music, he found that Dubstep was his true calling.

Delighting us this late spring with ‘Transmissions EP’ containing seven carefully crafted tracks that drain Mike’s unique style and devotion to music. The debut track ‘Broke’, is an interweaving of string sounds like a flute and lost harpsichord notes governed by a thick and imposing bass. As the main thread in our musical journey, we can follow the propagation of the dominant bass and the deep waves that are transmitted from one song to another and unify them under the dome of this release. Our next stop is ‘Cosmic Valley’ which drives away your thoughts in space through an echo of ambient waves like a tropical rain that wets your ear in melodic peaks.

We return in the following to the relentless reality governed by the world of cables and information ‘Transmissions’, an industrial vibe with radio waves and clear drums accompanied by metallic sounds. Step by step, walking on the bass path and clinging to the instrumental strings we find full and unpredictable melodic lines, with notes dropped from distant galaxies. Our journey ends in the same grand style in which it began. The last jewel in the crown is worn by ‘Kinetik’, which stole the essence and exploded into a fusion of bass, ambient and musical braids.

Accessing the metaphor behind the title, we can say that B-Say’s EP is an antenna meant to convey the greatness of dubstep through musical transmissions whose echo and unique style spread endlessly.

Artist B-Say
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