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B-Say – Big and Real [Forthcoming EP]

(BNAD002 Showreel forthcoming)

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Oh my, almost half a year since the last Black North Audio release, man! They promote deep & dark music and their basement is in Toronto, Canada. And I was listening few days ago at B-Say’s mix that was recorded for Subtle FM and what can I say? I checked his profile and I’ve seen that he is originally from St. Albans, United Kingdom and his soundcloud profile was so full of killa’ material. All I can say about him is that he is having a real massive list of forthcomings right on his page at the “Tracks” section. And what have I heard there? All massive stuff. He is a madman, fam. Such a clear sound in the basement and the depths of being real, man! So, keep it real by giving this one out a play on his stunning EP that just got released on Black North Audio. Tracks which names are “Big and Real”, “Malfunktion” and “The Reader” are a little bit promising, aren’t they? Yes, read the tracklist again and make yourself comfortable while you’re playing the “Big and Real EP” which will cause you no damage, just real stuff inside you, right there. I’m done talking about this one. Is too dope and it doesn’t need really much words. Stay blessed and heavy.

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