AXH remixes Kwizma & Abstrakt Sonance & Wobble Wallah

AXH unsigned remixes.


Ye man, I was browsing in this beautiful morning and I saw that something nice just got uploaded by man himself AXH from United States. There is about 2 remixes. Who knows if there will be available a link so we can purchase them from on his personal bandcamp. It`s a really badman style in here. AXH is not dissapointing, actually he is in a great shape. Uploading those 2 remixes, unsigned and from 2017 these tracks out are bangers right in AXH’s style. From mans like Abstrakt Sonance, Kwizma and Wobble Wallah, the sound can be proper understood and felt. Really good remixes, I don’t know if AXH is cooking something in his kitchen, but we already know that what these are about being non underestimated. Try to give them a listen even if the tracks a lil’ bit older, dem remixes are heavy in their own way. So, you got the links below to listen to, also you can follow up the artists and support them. Stay tuned and get involved, dirtyheadz. Until then, have a good audition!

Try to keep up, you’re right ahead.


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