Asylum has spent more than ten years engulfed in bass heavy music as part of the renowned London based drum & bass collective Vicious Circle and this november he comes to Uprise Audio with two incredible rollers.

The first track impresses from the first notes with a captivating and melodious rhythm that awakens your spirit and good will. Leveraging the metaphor of the “Green Rolex” attributed to the underwater world, the strong beats that come from the depths blend harmoniously with the feminine voice in crescendo, creating sound currents. In the end, this high wave crossing of powerful waves brings to the surface all the sound, the track stretching towards the horizon.

The second masterpiece offers the daily spiritual “Micro Dose” needed. Asylum surprises through a hypnotic approach to music, creating through ambient, electric and wavy sounds a psychedelic journey guided by vocals. The song induces us into deep meditation and the focus remains maintained through deep basslines similar to shamanic drums.

Label Uprise Audio
Artist Asylum
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