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Alienmade – Spellbound EP

The past has always fascinated us. Ancient cultures, lost treasures and their forgotten wisdom. We’ve dug up the Earth far and wide in search of answers and have time and time again stumbled upon history-altering evidence that only deepened our thirst for knowledge. All of us have, at least once, wished to be the ones to discover such a piece of history. Well, your chance is nigh and you don’t even need a shovel!

Alienmade‘s “Spellbound” has been dug up and is within your grasp from the comfort of your home.

Hailing from Bucharest, Romania, Alienmade is talented producer and dj whose work reaches far out from under the shadow of the Carpathian mountains. With two EPs already out, namely SMD036 – Alienmade – No Fks Given and DBM008 – Treant Protector his work bears a distinct, heavy sound, perfectly for shaking any sound system.

His third and latest EP, Spellbound, is comprised of 3 tracks that take on a more mystical, fantasy-like theme.

The title track perfectly sets the mood for the whole EP, with enchanting sounds that paint the image of an uneasy yet captivating fairy tale. Like a siren’s song, you’re drawn to it, mesmerized, unable to help yourself to look away.

Within the blink of an eye, “Sand Queen” places us in an oriental scene, among sandy ruins and dark alleys. The warm light of torches and camp fires washing on the orange sand does little to break through the dark of the night and all the dangers that might lie in it. Complimented by the staccato bass notes and sharp percussion, “Sand Queen” is a mean, dramatic track.

Last but not least, we come across “Null“, a track that has been shaking some heads for a while as a dubplate. Finally seeing a release, it has been heard before in sets from the likes of Sicaria Sound, Ternion Sound, Truth, Bisweed, Pharma, Zygos and more. With its strong, punching percussion, chest-rattling bass and minimalistic musical elements, “Null” is easily the track that best represents the signature sound of the one we call Alienmade.

Spellbound is available on Alienmade’s Bandcamp page 5th of February.

It’s all about the sound.

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