Uprise Audio was founded by Eddy Seven in 2012 and it is now considered one of dubsteps leading labels, becoming taste makers and a breeding ground for elite talent. With over a hundred tracks in their back catalogue, Uprise Audio have certainly made their mark, every release so far delivering a statement of intent stamped with Eddy Seven’s seal of approval.

Aron Taylor known for his pseudonym as A:Grade is a biohazard dubstep producer from Leeds, UK, who signed on 11th May 2017  to Uprise Audio and released his debut ”Waves EP”. Last  year , he announced his return to Uprise Audio with a new EP called  ” Flavours Part 1” and this year he brings us  ” Flavours Part 2” with its release date on 8th  of March, as a spectacular sequel to an equally spectacular EP.

”Flavours Part 2” comes with four tracks : ” Go ”, ” No drama ”, ” Stop it ” and ” Samurai ” . Because the titles of the tracks seem to surprise the plot of an action, the EP epitomizes the essence of the evolutionary stages. The first track, “Go “, as the title suggests, comes with “jumping” beats and playful basses that propagate themselves like impulses. The second track surprises by antonymy, “No drama” being actually a melodic line with an emphasis on deep rhythms that alternate in a dramatic style. What brings confusion through the idea of ​​concluding is actually the climax, this EP continuing to surprise by “nothing is what it seems to be”.  With relatively quiet influxes and sounds gradually elapsed, “Stop it” is rather a good break with a relaxing, soothing flow. The las but not least, unlike the other pieces,  “Samurai” reflects exactly the expected idea. The track is subdued by sounds specific to the struggle of “nobility defenders” being like well-calculated sword movements.

In this way, the flavours that crown the whole EP are a metaphor of the “spicy” feelings of each stage, giving charm to life as spices offer another meaning to taste.

The EP is also available on Vinyl (limited edition) accompanied by A:Grades “Flavours Pt. 1” as a bonus. Don’t Sleep on it! Buy link below.

A:Grade Flavours Part 2 (+ Part 1 Bonus) LIMITED EDITION 12" LATHE CUT DUBPLATES
Label Uprise Audio
Artist A:Grade
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