A:Grade – Blockchain (UA028) [DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]

[Flavours Part 1 (UA028) DIRTYBEATS PREMIERE]


Yes man, yes! Exactly one year ago the DJ/Producer Aron Taylor known for his pseudonym as A:Grade signed to Uprise Audio and released his debut Waves EP which was a great way for Uprise Audio to introduce its newest signee.
Uprise Audio launched in 2012 with a group of unknown artists spearheaded by dubstep stalwart Seven. The label was met with instant critical acclaim as they began their consistent run with a string of chart topping hits.
Now considered one of dubstep leading labels and going from strength to strength, Uprise Audio have become taste makers and a breeding ground for elite talent. Uprise Audio is home to artists such as Seven, LSN, Juss B, Feonix, Indiji, and A:Grade all of whom have gained consistent support and radio airplay from dubstep’s A-list.
With over a hundred tracks in their back catalogue, Uprise Audio have certainly made their mark, every release delivering a statement of intent, scrutinised with tight quality control and stamped with Seven’s seal of approval.

Right today, we are talking about A:Grade, the biohazard dubstep producer right from UK, Leeds who announced his return to Uprise Audio with a new EP called “Flavours Part 1” and just like that they were so kind to give us the chance on premiering on his new EP with the track called Blockchain ! First time I played it I just said that “this one out…”. Just listen to this madster piece which goes in a frontal strong way straight in your head flowing with substantial force under your ankles. It is a real must for every dubstepper. And of course, it is a must on every party that goes on straight ahead into the soundsystem culture theme. Right on the dancefloor! Blockchain steadily goes on a killing groove that implements a real feeling when that badman voice is stepping into your mood. Real blessed and heavyweighted introduction and the combination of bass with this stainless flavour is what we need in order to get the ideas more easily! Good percussion doing that hypnotizing job in a proper way, massive quality that doesn’t need any words and let’s go back further at the beginning of this one…what can I say? it is stunning. Blockchain goes like a big artillery weapon and it does not need any introduction because once you hear it, everyting’s settled. This track is not giving you any permission by not stepping on the dancefloor, once your hear it you cannot go back anymore and you gotta step on it, feel the dance and make the rules within you. In my opinion, is mad! Go for it and support this real badman, try to catch his tunes and don’t forget to spread the vibes along your way. Sharing means caring. We are very thankful for what just happened. Also, stay tuned because the article will be updated and more tracks from don A:Grade will come over right on 4/20, by short meanings, the full EP will be posted soon for you, dirtyheadz. You will have a better and a more massive audition right ahead! Have a good audition once again! Stay blessed and dirty.

Big thanks to Uprise Audio for giving us the premiering on this killa’ tune and also big thanks to A:Grade for giving it life right from his hot kitchen which I think that is banging right in the moment! 2018 is so fine and we are standing strong, dirtyheadz. Don’t forget to check the links below so you can find more information and again… support the culture!

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