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Abstrakt Sonance behind the scenes – Dirty Beats Interview

We would like to welcome you to DIRTYBEATS‘ third installment in our interview series, featuring Tyler Myroon, also known as Abstrakt Sonance. He was kind enough to share with us some interesting stories from his past, about his favourite venues, new collaborations, future releases and many more. You can also catch him at this years Shambhala Music Festival. Without further introduction, lets see what the man himself has to say.

Roland: Hello Tyler, before starting the interview, tell us a few words about yourself and about what determined you in joining the dubstep scene as a producer.

Abstrakt Sonance: I moved to Salmon Arm when I was 20 (2010) and was inspired by everyone around me. Everyone was into art, and my friends borrowed me a computer and I started making hip hop on garage band.
The love for dubstep followed with seeing Shambhala, and the bass community and how much love and acceptance there is in it. I love the culture and it definatly swayed me into making more bass music.
When I did my first Europe tour in 2013 I seen Truth play, and the Dubsteblog crew in Prague, and instantly feel in love with the deeper side of the genre.
I like to consider myself a musician/artist that makes music… it so happens to be 140 more often than not haha so I do also consider myself a dubstep/grime producer. But I just make music.


Roland: What is your impression of the scene in your country and the direction it is heading?

Abstrakt Sonance: When dubstep really blew up in 2010 in North America dubstep was strong. Shows were abundant but it was all heavy stuff. It has now died off and the word dubstep is almost like “Voldermort” in Harry Potter… People almost shudder when you say because they just think of robots having sex.
Slowly the sound has picked up and the audience is learning about sub oriented music and the shows are starting to pick up. The scene is growing and I see a bright future for deep dubstep and underground bass music in Canada in general.

Roland: What was, in your opinion, your most successful release yet, and how did you feel about it?

Abstrakt Sonance: 3 comes to mind.
“Open Heart” on RVRSL really took off for me. It is when Hatcha/Mala/Lost and lots of the dons started to play my tunes.
“DNA” on Southside Dubstars UK did well in charts/people playing tunes/longevity of people playing tunes. I am proud of the diversity of this album.
“Hatched 16” My tune “Going In”, probably my biggest to date, recieved insane support and this ep did very well.

My most proud release is my “Life” ep, on Dank n Dirty Dubz. I wrote this over 3 years and it was a fully musical oriented album, not meant for dancefloors (even though some do get played out)… it came fully from the heart and is a journey from my soul.

Roland: How did your collaboration for the track “New Style” with the renowned artist Killa P start? Could you give us some behind the scenes stories?

Abstrakt Sonance: I met Killa P on the Hatcha and Friends Boat Party at Outlook in 2016. We played it together and smashed the set. We vibed hard later (along with Irah and Double L MC) and started making music as soon as we got home. Got loads of stuff in the works with these 3.

Roland: As of this year, you joined the DDD family with the track entitled “I Be The” alongside DMVU. What is the story behind it?

Abstrakt Sonance: I just dug his outside the box production and good vibe…we talked online for a bit over the years and just before his Bloccd release we made the tune. I am glad we had time before he released it, he seems mad busy ever since! Proud of the guy! He is super good vibes.

Roland: You played on so many festivals in the last few years, including Outlook festival, which is known to be the largest bass music event for some time now. What was it like to play at such an amazing event, and what can you say about the crowd?

Abstrakt Sonance: The event itself is my favourite in the world for music. Every second, hands down, mind blowing inspiring stuff from the dons of the genres. Very honored and humbled to play there. Had the opportunity this year again but can’t make it to Europe . I have my 1 year USA visa right now so I am trying to use up this opportunity to the fullest.

But yes, Outlook .. unreal, honored to play. Fans love the music, doesn’t matter what you play they want to be educated and want to enjoy.


Roland: Are there any words of wisdom that you would like to share with up and coming producers, and the road they should follow to be heard and make their imprint in the scene?

Abstrakt Sonance: Be yourself. Make art. Be proud, but always look to grow. Find that balance. Don’t forget life balance with your health/happiness/friends and family… life is beautiful don’t forget to enjoy all aspects. I got lost for years and now found a better balance and it has made inspiration for writing so much greater.

Roland: What future plans do you have in store, can you divulge some inside info for the readers?

Abstrakt Sonance: I got a solo ep coming out… VINYL RELEASE! My first ep on vinyl so I am very stoked.
I can’t say much… but its coming out SOOOON!

Roland: What was your greatest dream that became a reality and how did it come to be?

Abstrakt Sonance: Making music for a living.
Worked hard, sacraficed a lot… was sober for 3 years… and when I did start to drink I was smart, and didn’t spend money. Didn’t chase girls and go to clubs… wrote music.
When I worked 40-50 hours a week in the kitchen… I would still work on music 30+ hours a week and excercise regular…
I now meditate, stretch, read, workout, and focus on my health on a constant basis.
Keeping your mind and body healthy is key to keeping focus and energy towards your goals.

After this interesting chat with Abstrakt Sonance, we encourage you to keep your eyes and ears directed at this guy because there sure are surprises to come, and we really hope to get a glimpse into his upcoming vinyl release and share it with you all. Until then make sure to follow this badboy and support his music. Blessings!

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