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A Hundred Drums – Deception

Music has been an essential aspect of our society from the dawn of time. From prehistoric tribal rhythms to today’s electronic music, we as humans have an innate thirst to manipulate sound and to push the boundaries of creativity.

All the way from Denver Colorado, A Hundred Drums takes pride in blending organic drum textures with highly synthesized modern sounds in an innovative music project that spans across multiple genres such as dubstep, reggae, downtempo and psytrance.

Today, our attention is directed at her track entitled Deception, which is a perfect example of going into the land of experimentation while at the same time keeping the listener with one foot in what we could call, familiar ground.

Right off the bat, we’re presented with organic cinematic drums, a layer of gritty noise and an eerie vocal, elements that efficiently paint the menacing atmosphere present throughout the track. Once we’ve reached the drop, we’re hit full-power with an unsettling mix of tribal elements that blend into a ritualistic composition which even though it sounds raw and primal, does not miss a single bit of what makes a bass track drive the dance floor crazy. Giving us some space to get our breath back, the meditative-rhythm based bridge carries us into the second drop where we pick up the pace once again. Deception ends on the same menacing note that it began with, concluding a composition that, through its elements and atmosphere, rightfully earns its name.

An unsettling journey, driven by reckless curiosity, where you don’t know what’s behind the next corner.

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