• Monsoon • – In conversation about Black Rhino Guest Mix


• Monsoon • is a don when it comes to Bass Music, especially the 140 spectrum. He is also the host of his widely known radio shows, entitled Monsoon Radio, collaborating with artists of caliber like Mikael, Zygos and Blind Prophet to name a few.

His on point selections, both vinyl and digital, get even the most diverse crowd to dance their shoes off, and this time it’s no different. Be prepared, because this mix, made exclusively for Black Rhino Music, is filled with dubplates and unreleased tracks that “shake any wall and heart”.

But this is not all! We also had the chance to sit down with • Monsoon • and let him guide us through his selections. Just press play, enjoy the music and see what he has to say, believe us, it’s worth it.



Easy all, hope this mix finds you well and that you have been enjoying these tracks as much as I do. They all have a story of their own, extending a big shout to all the producers and labels:


  • Shouts to Joe Nice for always supplying the freshest GourmeBeats material, Saule & Prism release is no different. The part you can hear from Backwards by Saule is actually the 2nd drop, from the upcoming GB018.
  • High Kulture, semnial crew for the national bass music scene, sitting at the forefront of anything related to bass music, production included. Intro track is actually untitled, got confused when I wrote the tracklist down just becase all tracks I get sent from them are titled things like 1test, test2dub, dubzzz v5 haha—those are the best tracks to receive though! Cosmic vibes on this one.
  • zygos — my brother. I’ve been such a big fan of his music ever since he had zero releases out as I am now with 6 vinyl releases out and more to come this year. Cannot be more proud to see him break through. Have got over 70 tracks from him by now and he never fails to surprise me.
  • Dubdiggerz — one time to Mark & Daniel in Slovenia, running the DeepEnd nights and record label. They are on a different level trust me. I was very proud when they sent me a mix for Monsoon Radio. Everything I get sent from them is straight fire as you can tell from this remix and all their recent releases.
  • Mikael — have been in touch with Sam for a couple of years, when he sent me Blessed. I actually have this cut to a 10″ acetate. Having him on Monsoon Radio was a stepping stone for the show and a great way to celebrate the 2 year anniversary.

  • Zona Verde is hands down one of my favorite producers. Everything he sends me strikes a chord and is beautifully crafted. Space Traveler has premiered on Monsoon Radio a while back as I’ve been the first one to have it, which is always great.
  • Sub Basics — his minimal style speaks to me on a fundamental level and I’m very happy to see his label become a reality, Temple of Sound, a project I’ve found out about in the Subtle Fm chatroom in one of his radio shows. Unmistakable style.
  • Soukah — man, he is onto big things. Not only his latest release on Rarefied absolutely killed it, he is sitting on some tunes with an unreal vibe. Will surely be hearing more of him this year!
  • Scooped — he reached out to me after I’ve played his track Sanskrit from this alias Raptix on radio. Such a talented producer, his tracks ranging from dubby cuts to fierce bangers and now to this Danny Uzi Vert reminiscent track.

  • Dubik has been one of the very first guests on Monsoon Radio. He’s not only a top selector but also a fierce Romanian producer. He’s always building these 6-7min long journey tracks where he explores every permutation of an idea. He sent me the Sceptical remix as I was selecting tracks for this mix and I thought it’s perfect to end things on. Gonna have to plug his new company here, Mixerblocks, allowing you to build your own analog mixer!
  • tosti, such an underrated producer! Be sure to check out his Stof series, mini-mixes comprised solely of his productions. Never ceases to amaze me with his creativity, his productions are so wide-ranging and different and always hit the spot. Also I consider him to have his own genre at 111bpm, you’ll see what I mean if you check his SoundCloud.
  • Wizzro by Boneless is one of those tracks that take you places, an instant classic. Once again shouts to the GourmetBeats fam, this one’s coming out on GB017.
  • Scooped absolutely killed it with this Horror Show Style remix, managed to top my favorite remix for a long time, funny enough also made by him under the alias Raptix!
  • zygos – kamikaze, I seriously don’t know how this is still unreleased. Fire!
  • Teffa – The Chase. What a track this is… pfff! Teffa layed on me no less than 5Gb of music recently and this has been such a highlight, kept listening to it days on end. One of my favourite tracks at the moment.

  • SFG by zygos is an anthem. This one will come out on vinyl not too long from now I believe. There are also some pretty mad remixes out there from the likes of tosti, Soukah and TAR.
  • Saule & Prism – Grow Stronger must be the hardest drop of 2018. Forthcoming GB018, two fearless producers on the carefully curated GourmetBeats.  Gotta love that intro! Also I can’t forget the mayhem that happened in Satu Mare when I’ve double dropped this with Ghastly. Twice.
  • Forward by zygos is one of my favorites from him and he’s kept this one very exclusive. I always get goosebumps on the 2nd drop. Not long till this comes out on wax for a complete listening experience.
  • tosti’s Patriot Dub is completely on the other side of the spectrum, one of those tracks that heat up even a big soundsystem. Big ups to tosti, more releases should be coming out!
  • Bass Era Alienmade Remix — I love this track not only for the Kaiju-esque feel, quality production and mighty lyrics but also for what it did for the local bass music scene. I think it took things to the next level, Bucharest connected with Timisoara on a level that’s completely new. At least for me it repesents the unity in the local bass music scene right now. Big up Alienmade, High Kulture and all the Romanian producers!
  • Hindzy D – Target (Sub Basics Remix) — no comment needed for this track I believe. I can only remember the crowd reaction when I dropped this during my Commodo opening set. Flawless rework by Sub Basics

Also have to thank and big up Black Rhino Music for inviting me both on the mix series and to close off the night after Goth-Trad a few months back. It’s inspirational to see the labour of love and passion that they do. Special selections were mandatory in order to match that. Big ups to them! 

And goes out to everyone supporting the local bass music scenes, you know who you are.

Thanks Dirty Beats for the continued interest in digging deeper.

One love,

• Monsoon •

We really wish everyone would be so passionate and put in so much heart into the culture of bass music as • Monsoon • himself. This was really an inspirational chat and all we could add is, unite through sound and do it for the love of it. Thank you • Monsoon • for this first hand lesson.

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